EPA Releases Incident Action Checklists for Utilities

February 12, 2015 | General RCAP News

EPA has developed a series of Incident Action Checklists that outline critical measures that drinking water and wastewater utility personnel can take immediately before, during and after an emergency to protect their systems. Ten incident types are highlighted, including drought, earthquake, extreme cold & winter storms, extreme heat, flooding, hurricane, tornado, tsunami, volcanic activity and wildfire. The "rip & run" style checklists were developed collaboratively with water utility managers and state agency/water association representatives as an on-the-go reference.

The Incident Action Checklists complement two other EPA efforts that support response during actual emergencies. The first effort provides up-to-date response partner contact information by state and region. The second effort provides access to a number of useful weather forecasting tools through the PDF document Weather & Hydrologic Forecasting for Water Utility Incident Preparedness and Response. All three of these resources can be accessed at EPA's Emergency/Incident Information page.