EPA launches green infrastructure listserv

February 11, 2013 | General RCAP News

EPA's green infrastructure program has launched a green infrastructure listserv, called GreenStream, to share training opportunities, newsletters, and publications. Send an email to join.

Green infrastructure is an approach that communities can choose to maintain healthy waters, provide multiple environmental benefits and support sustainable communities. Unlike single-purpose gray stormwater infrastructure, which uses pipes to dispose of rainwater, green infrastructure uses vegetation and soil to manage rainwater where it falls. By weaving natural processes into the built environment, green infrastructure provides not only stormwater management, but also flood mitigation, air quality management, and much more.

At a time when so much of our infrastructure is in need of replacement or repair and so few communities can foot the bill, we need resilient and affordable solutions that meet many objectives at once. Green infrastructure is one solution.

More information on EPA's green infrastructure program