Using GIS to Monitor the Impact of Illegal Dumping on Water Resources in Puerto Rico

By Kinsey Brown | February 4, 2020

Edwin Vázquez-Asencio, MBA, Sustainable Materials Management Specialist, RCAP Solutions Illegal dumping sites riddle the island of Puerto Rico. Many sites where people have illegally disposed of, or “dumped,” waste remain unidentified because of their remote nature. Often, these sites are adjacent to water sources and can negatively impact the environment and water quality. In order

RCAP and Stericycle Partner to Bring Safe Drug Disposal Solutions to Rural Communities

By Kinsey Brown | January 15, 2020

10,000 Seal&Send medication disposal envelopes will be provided to communities via water utility bills and solid waste disposal programs to protect water quality and combat the opioid crisis in rural communities Washington, DC — Stericycle, the leading provider of compliance-based solutions, including award-winning solutions for safe medication disposal, and the Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP),

January Drop of Knowledge

By Kinsey Brown | January 7, 2020

Five Core Questions to Answer for Effective Management of System Assets  By: Jean Holloway, SERCAP Asset management is more than simply “managing one’s assets.” Asset management goes beyond managing capital equipment (pumps, motors, etc.) and taking care of equipment. More accurately, asset management is a comprehensive, integrated process for maintaining system infrastructure assets and equipment for the most effective, least-cost allocation of resources, in order to sustain the utility over time.   If you read that and say to

Fall Rural Matters

By Kinsey Brown | December 11, 2019

See below for the Fall 2019 issue of Rural Matters! This issue is focused on regionalization work across the RCAP network, which focuses on cross-community collaboration and sharing of resources to provide clean water, wastewater, and solid waste services to rural America.

Operator Record-Keeping Tips

By Kinsey Brown | December 10, 2019

By: Tom Fulton, Senior Environmental Management Consultant, Communities Unlimited Do you have your flight plan ready? We can all visualize a trip to the airport and all it entails: going through security, waiting in the terminal, seeing whether your departure time has changed. There also are the worries of whether you’ve misplaced your passport or

RCAP Announces Partnership with Chris Long Foundation Focused on Providing Clean Water to US Communities

By Kinsey Brown | December 4, 2019

Washington, DC — The Chris Long Foundation is expanding the mission of its Waterboys initiative through the formation of a new domestic water program called “Hometown H2o,” foundation head Chris Long announced today. “Hometown H2o” will focus on providing clean water to low-income American communities, households, and schools that lack access to safe water. The

Straight From The TAP – Stephanie Ross

By Meg Policastro | December 2, 2019

Stephanie Ross is a Technical Assistance Provider with Midwest Assistance Program, RCAP’s midwestern partner. Based out of Missouri, Stephanie has been with MAP since January of 2009. Before joining MAP, Stephanie was an Office Manager at Platte County Public Works in Missouri, as well as a Soil Conservation Technician with USDA. She also served as

RCAP Releases Identity Rebuild RFP

By Kinsey Brown | December 2, 2019

Project Overview The Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) is a network of nonprofit organizations working to ensure rural and small communities throughout the United States have increased capacity to drive access to safe drinking water, sanitary wastewater, community development and disaster recovery that leads and contributes to economic prosperity. RCAP’s six regional partners provide a

Rural Matters Summer 2019

By Kinsey Brown | November 27, 2019

Check out the Rural Matters Summer 2019 issue!

By Kinsey Brown | November 19, 2019

New Report Reveals More Than 2 Million Americans Living Without Access to Running Water and Sanitation Services Report by DigDeep and US Water Alliance Unveils America’s Hidden Water Crisis November 19, 2019 – Washington, DC – Two national non-profit groups, DigDeep and the US Water Alliance, released a new report, “Closing the Water Access Gap