A Message from our CEO Regarding COVID-19

By Kinsey Brown | March 23, 2020

We are reminded in tough times of the collective spirit that brings us together as a country. In moments like this, the health and safety of the communities we serve remains the top priority for the RCAP Network during this global pandemic. Water and wastewater systems are incredibly important to a community’s health, and we

Request for Proposals for RCAP Formulate Great Rates Guide Update

By Kinsey Brown | March 5, 2020

The Rural Community Assistance Partnership, Inc. (RCAP) is looking for a consultant to update, modernize and expand our existing guidebook Formulate Great Rates Guide for Water and Wastewater Systems. You can find the proposal below. If you have any questions, please reach out to Sarah Buck at sbuck@rcap.org.   *we have extended this deadline by

Drop of Knowledge – Taming Inflow and Infiltration in Sanitary Sewer Systems

By Kinsey Brown | March 3, 2020

Joseph Lawrie, Great Lakes Community Action Partnership (GLCAP) The effects of rainfall are easily seen on our streets, walkways, and green spaces.  Storm surges, no matter the size, activate ground water flows through existing pathways.  Heavy rain makes daily transportation more difficult and more dangerous.  What is often unseen are the effects of this same

Internet Speed Below Federal Standard in Over Half of U.S. Counties, Smallest Counties Most Impacted by Digital Divide

By Kinsey Brown | March 2, 2020

Flawed data supplied to federal government paints an inaccurate picture of nation’s broadband coverage   WASHINGTON – Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of U.S. counties experience the internet at speeds below minimum standards set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), with that number even higher in rural America where 77 percent of counties operate below the

Straight From the TAP – Deborah Patton

By Coye Gerald | February 27, 2020

Deborah Patton was a Rural Development Specialist with RCAP’s partner, Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC), based out of Arizona with more than ten years of experience with RCAP. Prior to joining RCAP, Deborah acquired her Master’s Degree in Environmental Biology, served as an assistant under the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Special Projects, and obtained her Tribal Operator Certification

Rural Matters Winter 2020

By Kinsey Brown | February 26, 2020

See below for the Winter 2020 issue of Rural Matters! This issue is focused on wastewater assistance provided across the RCAP network, looking at best practice from wastewater operators, a wastewater system collaboration success story, plant safety tips and more.

The Rural Opportunity Map

By Kinsey Brown | February 19, 2020

The Rural Opportunity Map was created by the Center on Rural Innovation and the team at Rural Innovation Strategies, Inc. The Rural Opportunity Map was born out of the need for a new framework to understand opportunities in small town America in the 21st century – a framework that takes into account the way industry and

Bipartisan Group of Senators Announces New Wastewater Assistance Legislation

By Kinsey Brown | February 13, 2020

The “Decentralized Wastewater Grant Act of 2019” will prioritize funding to households and communities without access to function wastewater systems Washington, DC — On Tuesday, February 11 on the Senate floor a group of bipartisan Senators including Sens. Booker (D-NJ), Capito (R-WV), Jones (D-AL) and Schatz (D-HI) introduced the “Decentralized Wastewater Grant Act of 2019”.

Using GIS to Monitor the Impact of Illegal Dumping on Water Resources in Puerto Rico

By Kinsey Brown | February 4, 2020

Edwin Vázquez-Asencio, MBA, Sustainable Materials Management Specialist, RCAP Solutions Illegal dumping sites riddle the island of Puerto Rico. Many sites where people have illegally disposed of, or “dumped,” waste remain unidentified because of their remote nature. Often, these sites are adjacent to water sources and can negatively impact the environment and water quality. In order

RCAP and Stericycle Partner to Bring Safe Drug Disposal Solutions to Rural Communities

By Kinsey Brown | January 15, 2020

10,000 Seal&Send medication disposal envelopes will be provided to communities via water utility bills and solid waste disposal programs to protect water quality and combat the opioid crisis in rural communities Washington, DC — Stericycle, the leading provider of compliance-based solutions, including award-winning solutions for safe medication disposal, and the Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP),