RCAP Praises EPA’s Proposed Financial Capability Assessment for Clean Water Act

By Kinsey Brown | September 17, 2020

Washington, D.C. – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced its proposed 2020 Financial Capability Assessment (FCA) for Clean Water Act (CWA) schedule development. The revised CFA, used to evaluate a system’s financial capability for water infrastructure projects and improvements, will seek to support rural and tribal water systems serving economically disadvantaged communities. The updates include

By Kinsey Brown | September 5, 2020

Exploring Water, Health Infrastructure, Resilience and Learning (WHIRL) By: Shawn P. McElmurry, Ph.D., P.E. Associate Professor Wayne State University Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering Editor’s note: McElmurry is a contributing author for Drop of Knowledge and leader of a collaborative research project exploring the intersection of drinking water and public health. RCAP is working

Straight from the TAP – Josh Jabalera

By Coye Gerald | August 26, 2020

Josh Jabalera is a Project Manager for the Midwest Assistance Program (MAP) in Montana. He has employed with MAP for over five years. Prior to MAP, Josh previously operated multiple rural water systems throughout Montana in various capacities. Water has been a life long passion for him and is fulfilled by working with water systems

Rural Matters Summer 2020

By Kinsey Brown | August 26, 2020

See below for the Summer 2020 issue of Rural Matters! This issue is focused on solid waste management assistance provided across the RCAP network, looking at best practice from technical assistance providers, a solid waste management success story, safety tips and more.

RCAP Network Expands Trainings to Virtual Environment

By Kinsey Brown | August 11, 2020

For the past 46 years the Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) a national network of non-profit organizations, has provided technical assistance, training, resources and support to rural communities, tribal lands and territories. RCAP trainings from four decades ago, however, look dramatically different from those of today, especially as RCAP strives to provide communities and small water and wastewater utilities the same, high-quality

Straight from the TAP – John Van den Bergh

By Coye Gerald | July 28, 2020

John Van den Bergh is a Rural Development Specialist for Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC) in Nevada. He has been employed with RCAC for four years. Prior to RCAC, John owned and worked at his own construction company for 20 years, which provided grading, utility, and road construction. Following that position, he began working as

RCAP Secures 40,000 Masks for Essential Utility Workers in Rural Communities

By Kinsey Brown | July 23, 2020

Sourcing and donating personal protective equipment to protect frontline workers providing drinking water, sanitation services and solid waste services in their communities July 27, 2020 – Washington, DC – The Rural Community Assistance Partnership, Inc. (RCAP) today announced it is sourcing and donating 40,000 N95 masks to frontline water operators in partnership with Xylem Watermark

By Kinsey Brown | July 7, 2020

How Infrastructure Investments Improve Texas Colonias Quality of Life By: Kathryn Lucerno, Community Environmental Management Specialist, Communities Unlimited (El Paso, Texas) (Left to right) Maria Sanchez, Candelaria, TX resident and meter reader for Canedelaria WSC, Kathryn Lucero, Communities Unlimited, Jose Cabezuela, Presidio County Commissioner, Precinct 3, Cesario Vela, Communities Unlimited The term colonia is Spanish

Straight from the TAP – Conseulo McGowan

By Coye Gerald | June 26, 2020

Consuelo McGowan is a Technical Assistance Provider for Southeast Rural Community Assistance Project (SERCAP) in Delaware. She has been employed with SERCAP for two years. Prior to joining RCAP, Consuelo worked for the State of Delaware Division of Family Services as a Family Crisis Therapist for more than 10 years and as an Extension Agent

Rural Leaders Adapt and Advance Solutions in the Age of COVID-19

By Kinsey Brown | June 9, 2020

Kinsey Brown, RCAP The Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) is known for the incredible work done nationwide to ensure that rural communities have access to clean, safe drinking water and sanitation services. For more than 50 years, the partner organizations comprising the RCAP Network have worked with small communities to keep improving quality of life through technical assistance and training in water, wastewater and solid