Deputy Under Secretary for Rural Development tweets about water infrastructure

June 19, 2012 | Enforcement, EPA, Infrastructure

On June 19, Deputy Under Secretary for Rural Development Doug O’Brien hosted June's virtual office hours for the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Twitter. O’Brien discussed the Obama administration’s efforts to create a rural America that’s built to last, through support of broadband, education, medical, and water-quality projects. In many cases, USDA works in partnership with other government entities, including Tribes, and business development organizations to create job opportunities in rural America.

In response to a question submitted by RCAP about the admininstration's plan to rebuild the water infrastructure – not just roads and bridges, but pipes in the ground and water-treatment plants, O'Brien responded in a few tweets:

  • Water infrastructure is critical to future of rural communities.
  • In last 3 yrs we've invested in 5100 water infra projects to help safeguard the health of 18 mln rural residents.
  • Yet the needs are still great. We need to redouble our efforts to partner w/ other public&private actors to meet impt needs.