Could fracking lead to innovations in wastewater treatment?

March 24, 2014 | General RCAP News

Although there are still substantial concerns about the impacts of hyraulic fracking on drinking water supplies, attempts to limit those impacts may result in new technologies for wastewater treatment. From the U.K.'s The Guardian newspaper:

Big advancements in wastewater treatment could be coming from an unexpected source: the oil and gas industry.

The growth of fracking brings with it a heavy demand for water, and that's straining water supplies, often in drought-prone areas. The conflict over water has fueled adoption of new water reuse and recycling techniques, making the fracking market a valuable new proving ground for these technologies – which could later be used in other industries, experts say.

"There's a lot of money," says Monika Freyman, the water program manager at shareholder activist group Ceres. "Big and small innovative companies are chasing this area."

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