Bottled water economics 101

July 30, 2010 | EPA, Water Quality

Author Annie Leonard has started a crusade against our global obsession with stuff. Starting with her book The Story of Stuff and continuing with a corresponding film series, she attempts to demystify our consumer culture and promote a "sustainable and just world." Her book and films target a variety of products and habits.

In the latest installment of the film series, Leonard divulges the hidden dangers of consuming bottled water, showing the pitfalls in the industry from extraction to disposal and every step between. Her video, "The Story of Bottled Water," promotes tap water as a cheap, healthy, and sustainable alternative to the damage being done by the bottled water industry, a mission that directly corresponds to RCAP’s commitment to rural water resources.



Visit Leonard’s website to explore other "stuff stories".
For further reading on the hazards of the bottled water industry, read Sucked Dry: Defending rural water resources from water-bottling giants from the May/June 2010 issue of RCAP’s Rural Matters magazine.