Boston Globe: Most stores follow ban on bottled water

February 28, 2013 | General RCAP News

This Jan. 27 Boston Globe article shows just how far some places – a town in this case – are going to get rid of bottled water. Many universities across the country have banned the sale of bottled water on their campuses, but this is among the first whole town to do so.

The ban prohibits the sale of plastic water bottles 1 liter or less in Concord, Mass.

The bylaw, new as of Jan. 1, is not without controversy, however.

In a way, such a move is not surprising for the town where the American Revolution began.

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In related news, WCSH-TV, the NBC affiliate in Portland, Maine, reports:

A bill up for legislative review would ban public agencies in Maine from purchasing bottled water.

The proposal, which is scheduled for a public hearing Monday afternoon, would apply to state government or any political subdivision, governmental agency or public benefit corporation of the state.

Bottled water has a number of critics, including environmentalists who say it creates up to 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year.

The bottled water industry is active in Maine and employs hundreds of people.