Attention, operators for tribal water or wastewater utilities and other leaders

August 29, 2012 | Assistance, Awards, EPA, Rural, Technical, Training, Tribal, Wastewater

This fall, RCAP will be working with to further expand the resources available to tribal utility operators. supports water and wastewater operators in small systems with comprehensive resources and information in one easy-to-use place on the web. The website is free to use.

One of the website’s main means of outreach is a weekly newsletter, which operators and other staff and leaders in small communities can subscribe to for free. It includes site updates, helpful tips and weekly reading suggestions. The site also maintains a blog with useful information and announcements. will continue to share newsletter content and blog posts pertinent to all small systems, but the new initiative for tribes will be an added service.

Earlier this year the site officially launched the Tribal Technical Assistance Contact Database. This continues to be the best way to find out what entities serve a specific tribe, facilitating improved partnerships.

If you are an operator for a tribal water or wastewater utility or you serve these communities in any way, RCAP and invite you to join the new tribal interest group. All we need are your name and email address.