Robert B. Stewart Retirement Note

April 4, 2017 | Drinking Water, EPA, Fracking, General RCAP News, Hydraulic Fracturing, Infrastructure, Rural, USDA, Wastewater, Water

FROM: Hope F. Cupit, C.P.A., Board Chair, RCAP Network

Dear Partners and Friends of Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) –

I am writing this letter to bid farewell to Robert Stewart as he retires from the RCAP Network.

It has been a great pleasure working and partnering with Robert under his role as Executive Director with the RCAP network for more than a decade. The mission of RCAP is to assist rural people to improve the quality of life in their communities; and this mission remains deeply meaningful to me. Working closely with Robert has enhanced my personal and professional growth beyond measure especially during my tenure on the board and now as Board Chair. I feel incredibly grateful for the hard work and dedication that Robert has displayed that helped grow the RCAP network, making it a renowned and established nonprofit across the nation. I believe the work that RCAP does throughout the six regions has improved the lives of many rural Americans and makes a difference to the communities served. There is plenty left to do and with the solid foundation that Robert leaves behind, the RCAP network is sure to lead the charge of helping making Rural America a better place to live and grow.
RCAP continues to adapt itself to the changing needs of our rural communities and I see continued growth for the network in the years ahead. I am confident the network will continue to focus on the needs of the communities served and I look forward to continuing all the achievements under the future leadership to come.
On behalf of the Board of Directors of the RCAP Network, I want to thank Robert Stewart for all that he has done. I am deeply thankful for the partnerships and friendships he has made during his tenure as the Executive Director. These relationships will benefit the RCAP network as we move forward. Robert your hardworking nature, dedication and passion for Rural America are highly inspiring and is used as an example for everyone who works with you. As stated earlier, I have learned a great deal from you and will always carry your spirit of diligence and dedication with me.
The RCAP Board of Directors, the regional staff, and the staff in the national office will certainly miss you and will always carry on the legacy that you are leaving behind.
Please join me in wishing Robert continued success with all of his future endeavors.


Hope F. Cupit, C.P.A.
Board Chair


FROM: Robert Stewart, Executive Director, Rural Community Assistance Partnership

Dear Partners and Friends of Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP)–

The past eleven plus years serving as the Executive Director of the Rural Community Assistance Partnership has been the most rewarding years of my professional life and a true blessing as a culmination of my life-long work with rural communities. RCAP is and will continue to be the preeminent national organization serving the diverse needs of rural America. For over 43 years RCAP’s regional partners and their many dedicated staff have worked tirelessly to assist communities with water, wastewater, solid waste, recycling, affordable housing and community based economic development projects. What an honor it was for me to help lead this wonderful organization as it has adapted and grown year by year to better meet existing and emerging needs of small and low-income communities across America!
In many ways this is a time of change. In welcoming the challenges that changing times bring I am confident that the RCAP Board will find in my replacement someone who has the energy, vision, and depth of compassion to lead RCAP into the future. I am committed to doing whatever I can to make this a smooth transition to ensure that our collective efforts continue unabated.
“To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven”. For this season in my life it is truly a time to weep and a time to laugh, and a time to search and a time to give up. I will miss terribly the incredible people I have worked with and for at RCAP while rejoicing in the opportunity to look for other ways that I might help those most in need. While I am leaving this unparalleled position, Becki and I will never stop searching, never stop on our path to discern those opening doors that will lead us into the reminder of our lives.
Thank-you to all the members of the RCAP Board, to my staff past and present, to all the personnel in our regions and to the members of our collaborative partners – you have provided me more help and support than I can ever truly describe. I am so grateful to you all and I will always remember your kindness, your encouragement and your friendship.


Robert Stewart

Executive Director