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EPA releases new climate change video series

The series supports President Obama’s Climate Action Plan and highlights benefits of reducing energy consumption

The (UK) Guardian: A Texan tragedy: ample oil, no water

Excerpts from an Aug. 11 article in the U.K.'s Guardian newspaper about communities in Texas:

"Three years of drought, decades of overuse and now the oil industry's outsize demands on water for fracking are running down reservoirs and underground aquifers. And climate change is making things worse."

"'Because when the water is gone. That's it. We're gone.'"

The Guardian (UK): Global majority faces water shortages 'within two generations'

An article in London's The Guardian reports on a warning by hundreds of scientists last week that a majority of the world's population, including in developed countries like the United States, is reaching a tipping point where easy access to fresh, clean water will no longer be easily available. They cite climate change, pollution and over-use of resources.