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WaterSense Launches When In Drought Campaign

WaterSense, an EPA partnership program that offers people a simple way to use less water with water-efficient products, new homes and services, has launched its When In Drought campaign. This campaign will amplify drought messaging in western states, and will create awareness that summer time is the most critical time to save on watering. For example, in California, utilities are concerned about meeting Governor Brown’s mandated cuts if summer water usage does not decrease.

EPA Webinar: Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule

On July 30th from 2:30-3:30 p.m. Eastern, EPA will hold a webinar to discuss the Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2ESWTR). The 2nd round of LT2ESWTR source water monitoring has recently begun and all public water systems treating surface water will begin monitoring before October 2017. EPA is committed to helping state and local personnel, as well as small system personnel, to deliver high quality drinking water to their customers by providing information, training, and technical assistance.

On Parched Navajo Reservation, ‘Water Lady’ Brings Liquid Gold


THOREAU, N.M. — The yellow truck slogged along the red-dirt roads in this impoverished corner of the Navajo reservation last week, its belly full of water — liquid gold in a treasure chest on wheels. The truck’s driver, Darlene Arviso, steered it patiently, up, down and around pockmarks chiseled on the ground by a recent downpour.